QV Credit Business Loan Singapore

QV Credit Business Loan Singapore

QV Credit Business Loan: Raise Working Capital, Company Funding, SME Loan, Startup Business Financing Singapore

Seeking to raise capital for your business expansion? Looking to finance a start-up business? Or maybe you are a small to medium business and finding it hard to get a bank loan? Look no further, QV Credit offers business loans in Singapore for all types of companies!

Business Loan in Singapore

Starting and running a business in Singapore is no easy feat. There are so many elements of a business that an owner must consider and the process, many costs that are incurred. Starting up a business is a difficult task, and maintaining one can be even harder. It doesn’t help that Singapore’s business environment is extremely cutthroat. With the global economy pointing towards slowdown and political changes such as Brexit, this all leads to a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about the economic outlook.

With all these negative changes, banks are becoming increasingly stringent in offering loans. This affects the local small to medium enterprises the most, as they do not qualify for bank loans and hence do not get the funds and credit they need to stay afloat or grow.
QV Credit understands all these issues. We know how stressful it is to run or start a business. And that is where a business loan comes into the picture. We offer loans for businesses of every size and different needs. Whether you are a small to medium business looking to raise capital for expansion, or maybe are low in profits and need the extra financial boost, or are a small startup looking for funding, we have the perfect loan package for you and your company’s needs!
QV Credit is a legal and licensed moneylender in Singapore dedicated to helping your business grow and stay competitive in this stressful environment. We want to help spur economic growth that will also benefit your company, and that is why we give out loans to businesses that need the extra funds. Our business loans are fast and flexible in repayment schedules. Read on to find out more!

Is My Company Eligible for a Business Loan?

Unlike banks, we do not discriminate based on the size or revenue levels of your business. The amount of loan taken will be decided upon based on the niche of the business, examination of the company’s financial statements and income tax reports for the period to show that the business has existed for two years or more. This analysis will give us an idea of the business’s potential, and hence the appropriate amount of money to lend.

This is a list of documents you must show when taking out a loan:

  • Proof that applicants are at least 21 years of age and above
  • Proof of a Singapore incorporated corporation/firm.
  • The most recent printout of your ACRA.
  • NRIC/Work pass/Passport of ALL directors/shareholders/partners.
  • A tenancy agreement of your business location.
  • Your corporate bank statements for the last three months.
  • Your latest balance sheet (if applicable).
  • Your company seal or stamp.
  • Proof of assets or title deeds for our secured loans that involve lower interests.

Once you have determined that you are eligible and have all the necessary documents, you are ready to apply for a business loan with QV Credit!

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The Loan Process

We know most small and medium-sized businesses don’t meet the requirements of most bank loans. That is why we are here to provide you the money you need. Our loan application process is simple and straightforward for investors to get fast cash on the spot once the loan agreement is signed. As long as you have legitimate documents to show us, we will give you the loan!

First, fill in the online Business Loan application form that can be found here. We do not ask you to share the documents with us in the online application as we know these are confidential data. QV Credit holds integrity and trust as key values, and we are dedicated to protecting and keeping your company’s data safe. A loan assistant will contact you within the day to set an appointment. You will bring down all the mandatory documents listed above to the appointment. There, the loan assistant will have a discussion to find out more about your company and the nature of your problems. They will analyze the situation and find the best possible loan package for your company.

QV Credit has a wide variety of loan packages for businesses. Depending on your troubles, we can tailor a package that is comfortable and most beneficial for you. Some of the more common packages are:

  • Working Capital Loan Singapore: Supplies the cash flow needed when it comes to business expansion, bridging over on short term periods, or even securing stable cash flow for any emergency situation.
  • Small Business Loan Singapore/SME Loan Singapore: Are you out of patience with having to convince the banks that the turnover of your company is satisfactory enough to secure a business loan? Banks are notoriously hard to get loans from if you are an SME. We can provide you with the cash needed!
  • Start-Up Business Loan Singapore: Our practice involves focusing more on your current ability to service your credit facilities. Poor credit history should not be deemed as one of the factors that are hindering you from getting the loan that you need for your business interests.

At the appointment, the loan assistant will also take you through the repayment process and schedule. They will work with you to determine a comfortable repayment scheme that does not burden your company’s finances or hinder your growth. We will not impose stringent schedules that will end up doing more harm to your business than growth. QV Credit is committed to helping the business grow and prosper.

Once you understand all the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, and all documents are in order, you will sign the loan agreement. We will not keep any fees or processes hidden from you. After the loan agreement is signed, the money will be dispensed to you immediately via cheque. It is a simple, straightforward process done with full transparency and efficiency. We want you to have the money as fast as possible so that you can begin your plans with no delay.

Why Choose QV Credit for your Business Loan?

A business that wants to stay competitive in Singapore needs to have the necessary equipment and be up-to-date with the current technology. You cannot afford to fall behind your competitors and hence need adequate resources for your research and logistics. A business loan with QV Credit can help you obtain all the necessary working capital you need in order to succeed in this cutthroat industry.

Furthermore, we are not only legal and licensed moneylender with years of experience in finance, but we are also committed to the prosperity of our clients. We are not a loan company that imposes heavy interests and rigid repayment schedules. QV Credit value integrity and trust, and we want you to know that we have your best interests at heart. We have also worked hard to perfect and streamline our loan process in a way that is beneficial and convenient for you, so your experience of taking a business loan is stress-free. We have done this by implementing the following:

1. Easy Application and Fast Processing

Once you provide all the required details, our team will contact you and schedule an appointment to complete the application process. Once you understand the terms and conditions and sign the loan agreement, the money will be given to you on the spot.

2. Customizable Loan Products

Every business has its’ own different needs. Your personalized loan assistant will discuss the options available so as to offer a custom Business Loan Singapore package that suits your needs.

3. Flexible Repayment Schedules

Our loan products have been designed in a way that makes it convenient and easy for businesses to pay back. Our low business loan interest rates are lower than most lending institutions in Singapore.

4. Quick Disbursement

You will not wait long approval times to get the funds. Time waits for no one in this competitive environment and good opportunities don’t come by often. We offer fast funds disbursement as long as all the necessary documents are in order. We will not waste a single second.

5. Top-notch Customer Service

Our experienced team is friendly and ever ready to respond to any issues that may arise during the loan application process or terms of the agreement.

You have invested heavily in your business and we want to make sure your investments do not go to waste and help your business thrive. Get in touch with our team today for any inquiries about taking a Business Loan Singapore with QV Credit.

From SME Loans to Working Capital Loans to Start-Up Loans, your chosen business loan package will definitely support and grow your business!
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