QV Credit Short Term Loan Singapore

QV Credit Short Term Loan Singapore

Short term loans can help you in settling urgent financial needs. Apply for one of the best short term loans in Singapore for quick cash!

Sometimes, life throws us into situations that will catch us completely off-guard. These situations, such as car accidents and sudden illnesses, may require urgent cash to settle. However, your next paycheck may not be due for a while more and the emergency is time-sensitive. This is where you should consider taking up a short-term loan to help tide over the financial situation you are in!

QV Credit offers short term loans in Singapore for people who find themselves in emergencies and in need of fast cash. Our team works quickly to deliver the money to any client who applies for a short term loan.

What are Short Term Loans?

A short term loan is an unsecured loan that people take when they need fast cash for urgent matters. As these short term loans are unsecured, it means that there are no criteria for putting up collateral in order to apply for one. Do note that as this loan does not involve putting up security, the interest rates charged will also be higher than secured loans.

Am I Eligible for Short Term Loans in Singapore?

Just because a short term loan has few conditions for eligibility, that does not mean there are no criteria. There are still some documents and proof you will have to show in order to qualify for a short-term loan:

  • Proof of Citizenship or Permanent Residency in Singapore: This short term loan is for citizens or permanent residents of Singapore. Foreigners should click here.
  • Proof of Employment: You need to provide your employment contract, which should have your salary clearly written out. This will help us assess your income, other expenses, and debt servicing ratio. This way, we can calculate the amount that you qualify for and the repayment plan that is ideal for you.
  • Bankruptcy: If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, you can still qualify for a loan with us by submitting your letter of discharge. Most banks will require a formerly bankrupt person to wait as many as five to seven years before extending credit. We do not discriminate, we go ahead and help you out now. You should not, however, be bankrupt at the moment. Undischarged bankruptcy is not eligible either. The only time that QV Credit will not extend credit to an individual is when they are already overextended and have exceeded their capacity to borrow. You will have to show all the necessary documents and proof for eligibility in order for the loan to be approved.

When Should I Take Up Short Term Loans?

Once you have decided you are eligible for a short term loan, you should also have an understanding of the appropriate situations to take up a short term loan. Typically, you would take up a short term loan if you have an emergency that needs to be settled with cash that you do not have on hand. Here are some examples when you can take up a short-term loan:

My wife recently had surgery and I urgently need to pay her medical bills, however, the utility and rental bills just went out and my paycheck does not come for another three weeks. Can I take a short term loan?

Yes, you can take out a short term loan. This is an emergency medical bill that needs to be settled, and if you do not have the finances on hand you ought to take a loan. You might think about taking money from your savings, however, that will massively deplete your savings and affect you in the future when you might need it more.

My rent is due to be paid soon but I do not have enough money. Can I take a short term loan?

Yes. If you are finding it hard to make ends meet in this expensive city, do not hesitate to take up a short term loan. It is important not to be behind in rent payment either, as those debts can build up too.

I recently got into a car accident and I need to fix my car. Can I apply for a short term loan?

Yes, you can. A car accident counts as an emergency issue and car repairs are notoriously expensive in Singapore. As long as you meet the loan eligibility, you are more than welcome to apply for a short term loan with QV Credit. You might consider taking a bank loan, but bank loans are secured and hard to come by and often come with a lot of criteria such as collateral. Furthermore, the application and approval processes are extremely long and not worth wasting time. Hence, a short term loan taken from a licensed money lender like QV Credit is a good idea.

However, there are also instances when you should not take out a short term loan. These are instances that you might think are emergencies, but they are not.

I am in gambling debt and need $5,000 because I think I have a good chance of winning. Can I take a short term loan?

No, you cannot. Short term loans are meant to be used only for specific emergencies that can definitely be solved by the loaned cash. Gambling is a game of chance, there is no surety, and on top of that, it is very unwise to use loaned money to gamble. If you are in debt, we suggest taking up a debt consolidation loan instead. You can find a package from QV Credit here.

Loans are never meant to be used for spending, they are only to be used to solve the exact emergency you are in. You must always remember that you have to pay the loan back, so take loans only when you really need it. If you fail to make the repayment, you will find yourself in further debt and find mounting payment amounts. Be wise when taking loans, only borrow what you need. If you borrow more than you needed, do not spend the extra cash, set it aside as part of the repayment.

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Why Should I Take Up Short Term Loans with QV Credit?

QV Credit allows almost anybody to take up a short term loan. We have very simple requirements for applicants, and these criteria are only to ensure that you are able to repay back the loan amount after. Unlike banks who will look at credit scores, collateral, and other factors before considering you eligible, we make it easy for you to qualify for a loan. We understand that emergencies can happen and sometimes you will need some quick cash to solve your problems. Hence, we made sure that our short term loans are easily available for you to access.

Furthermore, we have streamlined and designed our short term loans for your convenience and comfort. Here are some features of our Short Term Loan Singapore Package:

1. Fast Application

Our short term loan application is easily available for everyone on our website. Click here to apply.

2. Highly responsive and helpful team

Our team will contact you regarding your application within a day, or even an hour depending on how urgent your situation is. They will ask more about your situation, inform you of the documents needed, and set an appointment date and time. Feel free to ask our friendly loan assistants any questions they might have and they will happily answer.

3. Instant Cash Upon Loan Agreement

When you come down to our office, you will meet with the loan assistant with all your documents. They will explain to you all the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, including working out a suitable repayment plan for you. Once you have read and understood everything and signed the loan agreement, you will get your cash immediately. It’s that easy!

4. Flexible Repayment Schedules

Our loan assistants will look at your documents and income levels to determine what is a comfortable repayment plan for you. We want you to be able to repay the loan with ease, and as such can tailor your package in a way that makes repayment comfortable for you.

QV Credit is committed to our clients. Your emergencies are also ours, and hence we will do everything in our power to get you the needed cash as quickly as we can. You can also rest assured that we are a legal and licensed moneylender in Singapore, and we do not have any hidden charges and fees that will not be revealed upfront. Our priority is helping you solve your problem and making your financial life more comfortable.

Our short term loan packages do not discriminate. If you need emergency money fast, then look no further. We are dedicated to solving your problems, and if we can help in any way financially, we will.

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